Lil Tjay - Traumatize (unreleased)

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Lil Tjay - Traumatize (unreleased)


Day after day
It was night after night
Poured out my emotion drinking sprite after sprite
Red bean keep my aim sharp like a knife
Now my hands clean
I could throw a price on your life
Better think twice before I leave your momma tramatized
No [?] but bottom line nigga out of line
Leave a nigga body out of state
Now he hard to find
Everybody focus on their needs disregarding mines
Now I got something that you need
You can't borrow mines
Niggas ain't lyrically with me they just harmonize
One day I'ma travel over seas just to lay at ease
Came a long way from me and Smelly sharing fetty cheese

I'm here right now crazy we started from the bottom
And I'ma keep on searching I wont stop until we got em
And [?] 'cause I wont tell em when I shot em
Coming from the third your boy a different type of problem
Only 16 but I'm really putting on
So I gotta monitor the words I'm singing in my songs
Late night niggas on the block with the pipe
I'm pullin over easy like the sampa do for ray[?]
A little older I don't really like to fight
'Cause how we gon' get it if I'm off the dirty Sprite?
Aim for the shooters yeh I keep a small circle
Probably smoking JT but it smelling like some purple
[?] Smelly want you home before your curfew
And Clipper you should know that when I catch you I'ma hurt you
[?] incase you even worth it
But fuck you go to hell I hope a different nigga murk you
I'm a different breed
Before I get my wants I gotta get my needs
Chasing cheese shorty ain't my lover she a Billy Jean
Billy told me rhyme
And I understand what Billy mean
It's a dream and what I really wanna do is get in with my team
So by any means I cannot stop I cannot quit
Long nights you try to say different then you want dicks
Like I'm in it [?]
Smelly this Smelly that I ain't with the fuck shit
Shorty when I catch you bullets flying you better duck bitch
And I ain't with the acting yeh this is really what it is
Yeh it's really how I live
Yeh I really did a bit
And I told [?] all niggas looking for her kid
Took the four fifty
And OT vibes I don't think the nigga live
Speaking from the heart I hope the lil nigga dead
I don't talk a lot
'Cause niggas they be talking talking out their [?]
Styles world print job Chico still lives
Three dead niggas that will never want shit
I said Style world Pim Job Chico still lives
Three dead niggas that will never want shit
And money conversations they come around when you pacing
So I [?] nigga face
And I'm building up reputation
A lot of motivation when they bring me to the station
Just know that I'm a savage I ain't ever wrote a statement
First bit life it was no secure placement
Now I'm here trying to send a nigga on vacation
They offer one or three but I sent back the invitation
They tried to shake me up
I told my lawyer I ain't hasian
Fairly sympathetic so i'm unapologetic
For runnin' up niggas credit and telling niggas they debt-ed
I keep lyin' homie don't ever ask me to get it
My Moma raised me right but I'm hot headed
The feedback if I'm telling you that I needs that
[?] chit-chat get you hitting your kneecap
I needs that

Yeh I ain't playin' with niggas
I'm just showing I ain't playing with niggas
And I ain't playing with niggas
I'm just showing I ain't playing with niggas


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