6 NBA Trades You Missed This Offseason - Devin Booker | Kevin Love | Chris Paul

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With the NBA having the craziest offseason in history, we seen trades taking place all around the league for months surrounding many superstars. With Anthony Davis heading to LA, being traded from the Pelicans for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram & Josh Hart to the Lakers with LeBron James, it changed everything for the offseason. Russell Westbrook was dealt for Chris Paul, meaning he went to the Rockets with James Harden while CP3 ended up in OKC. Even Paul George traded away was a shock as it turned the Clippers into a championship contender with Kawhi Leonard signing there in Free Agency. Now because of huge trades taking place, players like Devin Booker, Kevin Love, Bradley Beal, John Wall & more have been linked to deals you completely missed out on.

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