PZ9 is ANGRY at ME over NAME REVEAL - REGINA & DANIEL Spying on Hacker for 24 Hour Challenge

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After Chad Wild Clay made NAME REVEAL of HACKER PZ9? CWC \u0026 Regina Create a YouTubers Game to Learn the Hacker's Identity, Vy Qwaint created WE TRICKED PZ9 to REVEAL HIS NAME \u0026 IDENTITY - Vy \u0026 Daniel Undercover in Disguise Spy Gadgets Vlog and Daniel uploaded BEST FRIENDS BROKE UP (Daniel \u0026 Regina HANDCUFFED in Real Life for 24 HOUR CHALLENGE by HACKER PZ9) on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, We have found out PZ9's name! At first, we thought it was Marlin, but after confronting the psycho ex project zorgo member, we discovered that we were wrong! We had to meet up with the rest of the spy ninjas back at the safe house to find out what PZ9's actual name is. We need to know this so we can stop him from telling Project Zorgo the location of our home base. Regina and I took our handy dandy scooters to catch up with PZ9 to tell him the new information we discovered. We hope he stops. We can't let him reveal that information to the Project Zorgo organization! How will he react when we tell him his name? Will we have to battle royale him? Are we even right about his name?! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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